Arrangement - write a paragraph summary-link

Malc Prentice

The last sentence of every paragraph should be either:

Paragraph Link, summary, both,or neither ?
Introduction Neither - write an introduction thesis statement
Description paragraph Link only
Description sentences are all different, hard to summarise
Problems paragraphs (normal body paragraph Both
Solutions paragraph (last body paragraph) Summary only
Next paragraph is last = obviously conclusion = no need to link
Conclusion paragraph Neither - write a final comment sentence
Paragraph X of a longer essay Up to you
Does the reader need a summary yet?
Is the topic about to change?

Examples for first-year essays

1) Link at end of Description (A)

2) Summary-Link at end of Problems (B)

3) Summary for Solutions (C)

Rules for sectional essays

If you DO NOT use a section conclusion paragraph

The last three sentences of the last paragraph in the section:

If you DO use a section conclusion paragraph

Body paragraphs are normal

Section Conclusion paragraphs should have: