Arrangement - write a specific genre

Malc Prentice

What is "genre"?

Genre in fiction

Genre in essays

Genre Patterns

Genre can be:

For example, summary response could be

So the ABC patterns below could be:

Genre Style

This page is about arrangement, but genres usually also come with their own special language. Example sbelow, but most of these have their own page. See Index - Style

Classification It is a kind of X
Partition There are three kinds of X
Process Firstly, secondly, then, next, after that, finally
Compare/Contrast X, on the other hand, is more expensive
Cause/Effect so/because/therefore/for that reason
Summary-ResponseX is Y (Smith, 1999). However, this is not effective, because
Argument For these three reasons, it is clear that X should Y

Table of common patterns

Type A B C
Compare-Contrast Same/Diff way 1 Same/Diff way2 Same/Diff way 3
Compare-Contrast Similarities Differences
Time Order - PPF Past (High School) Present (University) Future(work)
Time Order - Narrative First I, .... Then .... Finally, .
Time Order - Historical Edo Meiji Heisei
Time Order - Personal Elementary JHS HS
Time Order - Process Preparation Action Review
Time Order - Process Step 1 Step 2 Step 3
Time Order - Future In 1 year in 5 years In 10 years
Summary Response 1 Author said Author right/wrong because X
Summary Response 2 topic 1/response1 topic 2/response2 topic 3/response3
Cause/Effect 1 Cause of A Effects of A
Cause/Effect 2 Cause 1 Cause2 Cause3
Cause/Effect 3 Effect 1 Effect 2 Effect3
Argument Reason 1 Reason 2 X is better Reason 3 X is better
Argument For/against 1 For/against option2
Problem/Solution Problem1/2/3 Solution1/2/3
Problem/Solution Problem/Solution1 Problem/Solution2 Problem/Solution3
Mixed 1 Description Problem Solution
Case Study Case 1 Case 2 Case 3
News 5 "W" style intro Who What Where When Why


What genre of essay is this a thesis statement for? "This essay looks at whether students should do a study abroad in the US or in The Phillipines.

What genre of essay is this a thesis statement for? "This essay first describes three ways in which paper production is harming the environment, then looks at three possible approaches that could reduce the impact"

What genre of paragraph ENDS like this: "In summary, there are three issues facing the Sumatran Orangutan - forest fires, deforestation, and poaching - of which the most harmful is deforestation"

What genre of paragraph STARTS like this: "This paragraph describes how Tokyo and Osaka are similar in some ways, but very different in others"

What genre is this sentence: "To make scones, first mix the ingredients together in a bowl, then bake at 220 degrees for 20 minutes, and finally serve with butter or jam."

What genre is this sentence: "There are three reasons everyone should do a study abroad - to learn a language, to learn about other cultures, and improve the chance of getting a good job."