Arrangement - write an argument

Malc Prentice

An argumentative ("persuasive") genre text tries to change your mind - to make you think something or do something

It could be:

Arguments are often found as:

Example topic types



One paragraph outline

  1. write a paragraph topic sentence with keyword A, B, and C
  2. Reason A
    1. Details about A
    2. Detail about A
  3. Reason B
    1. Details about B
    2. Detail about B
  4. Reason C.
    1. Detail about C
    2. Detail about C
  5. write a paragraph summary-link

Style (not finished)


However, it may be the case that…

Citing sources is the best way to disagree

However, according to Smith (1999),

Summary Response language

Arguments of contain summaries of opposing arguments and responses

See write a summary-response for useful language.

Explanation of the other side

Though opponents of X insist that Y , however Z.
Advocates of X claim that Y , however Z.
Though exponents of Y argue that X is bad, Z shows this is false.

Many of those in favor of Y claim…

Many of those against this claim…

A second argument advanced by proponents of Y is…

Not everyone agrees with this conclusion. For example, Smith (2016) argues that


One paragraph skeleton example

This paragraph argues that THESIS STATEMENT, for three reasons - KEYWORD A, KEYWORD B and KEYWORD C. Firstly, sentence using keyword A. Sentence with detail on A. Secondly, sentence using keyword B. Sentence with detail on B. Finally, sentence using keyword C. Sentence with detail on C. Summary, and/or link.

Unreferenced Examples

Example 1

This paragraph argues that students should not have part time jobs, for three reasons - time, sleep and customers. Firstly, if students work they will have no time for homework or circles. If this happens they will fail their course and not make friends. Secondly, if students work part time they will probably finish late and not get enough sleep. People who do not sleep cannot learn and get sick. Finally, customers can sometimes be annoying and if you work part time you meet a lot of bad ones. If this happens you might never want to work again. In summary, for these reasons part time jobs are a bad idea, and students should just concentrate on studying.

Example 2

This paragraph argues that students should study at home for three reasons - help, relaxation and time. Firstly, help. If a student has problems with homework, they can ask their parents for help. Secondly, relaxation. Studying at home is more relaxing than studying in a busy university library. Finally, time. Students will have more time to study if they stay at home and do not waste time going places on the train. In summary, the best place to study is in your own house - but what is the best method? The next paragraph looks at the best techniques for study.

Example 3

Normal phones are better than smartphones for three reasons - battery life, cost, and strength. Firstly, battery life. Smartphone batteries usually only last one day, but normal phone batteries last much longer. Secondly, cost. Smartphones cost 50000 yen, but normal phones are often free. Finally, strength. Smartphones break more easily than normal phones when you drop them. All in all, smartphones are popular but not necessarily a good thing. The next paragraph looks at another problem - that smartphones are bad for the environment.

Referenced example

This paragraph argues that Nessie exists for three reasons - photography, lake size and other monsters. Firstly, photography. According to Gye (2013), a man recently took a picture of Nessie, and there was another photo taken in 1934. Secondly, lake depth. According to Legend of Nessie (n.d.), there is more water in Loch Ness than all other lakes in the UK combined. Finally, other monsters. Nessie is not alone - according to Chorvinksy (n.d.), there are also monsters in New Brunswick Lake Utopia Monster, Manipogo in Canada, Lake Eries and Flathead lake in Montana. In summary while many people do not believe in Nessie, it is likely that she exists, and people should visit Scotland to see her.


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