Arrangement - write an introduction - overview

Malc Prentice

Introductions have two parts

Read those sheets, then read these examples:

Example 1

These days, it is hard to see animals in the wild. One place you can see animals is the zoo, but it is important to choose a zoo that takes good care of animals, because if we give money to a bad zoo we are paying for animals to be badly treated. This essay argues that Ueno Zoo is the best in the world, for three reasons: they have lots of animals, the animals have nice homes, and it is easy to access.

Section content
General Background: seeing animals
Specific Background: zoos to see animals - good or bad
Importance background: don't pay for cruelty
Thesis statement Topic: Ueno Zoo
Thesis statement Main idea: argue
Keyword outline: lots of animals / nice homes / easy access

Example 2 - can you name the parts?

As Prime Minister Abe noted recently, the Japanese economy is "improving rapidly". This is largely due to increased car exports to China. Since the Japanese economy relies heavily on car exports, this is an important topic for our future. This essay compares the approach of two car makers to this expanding market - Mitsubishi and Suzuki.

Example 3 - can you find and name the parts?

Many university students in Japan like shopping for clothes and accessories. However, many of these are made of leather from cows - especially bags, wallets, shoes, and jackets. This is a problem, because not all leather is made in an ethical way. As such, this essay first describes leather production in detail, then looks at some problems it causes and some possible solutions to those problems.

Example 4 - can you find and name the parts?

Most people in Japan take for granted that if they get sick, they can go to the hospital and get help. However, this is not always true in the developing world, where access to medicine and doctors can be difficult. This is a problem because if people cannot access medical help, it shortens their life and damages the economy of the country. This essay uses the example of one country - Afghanistan - as a case study to examine this problem, then looks at whether the lessons learned there can be applied elsewhere.

Example Intro for Quiz

According to Edison (1904), success is "1% inspiration and 99% perspiration", but it is not clear where this 99% hard work comes from. One of the places we might find the answer is in the story of the lives of famously successful people. If so, it would be useful because students can learn how they themselves should study. This essay describes the school and then the university experience of Darwin, the naturalist most famous for his work on the theory of evolution.


Which sentence is the General Background?

Which sentence is the Importance Background?

Which sentence is the Thesis Statement?

Which sentence is the Specific Background?

What are the keywords for this essay?

How many paragraphs does this paragraph probably have?