Projects - outline your essay

Malc Prentice

For the final report, I want you to PRESENT your essay using Graphs and Slides

Download and follow the template structure

"Template for RR6 Presentation.pptx"

This has a "Problem-Solution" Structure

2) Convert your essay into a presentation

Follow the rules for how to make a powerpoint slideshow

3) Include A LEAST ONE graph or chart.

3) Get ready to SHOW your slides in class.

Option 1: Print your slides to show in class

You will only be presenting to your partner, so as long as they can read it, it';s OK.

You don't need to print them large.

Option 1: Show your slides on your laptop/tablet/phone

Make sure you have downloaded the slides as PPTX if you used Google Slides. Do not rely on the wireless working.

Make sure your battery is charged.

Grading for Presentation

Presentation :

Email subject + filename has NAME-CLASS-CODE : OK

Email is properly written (greet-topic-finish) : OK

Title Slide has Title/Name/Class/Number : OK

Font large enough to read (>= 24 pt)? : OK

Lots of Keywords and Images? : OK

At least one photo in each problem/solution? : OK

Too much text on slides? : OK

Arrangement :

Background slide contents OK? : OK

3 problems slides contents OK? : OK

3 solutions slides contents OK? : OK

Summary slide contents OK? : OK

Invention :

Reference slide present? : OK

Any plagiarism / bad paraphrasing? : OK

Are there at least some references on slides? : OK

Any APA problems on slides? : OK

Any APA problems on references slide (except burasage)?: OK