Projects - outline

Malc Prentice

Before you start,

1) Download "TEMPLATE for RR.docx" from Dropbox

You will see it has:

There are also examples in the Dropbox folder

Look at the marking rubric for RR report. Try to find the features in the template.

2) Get ready

3) Read/Listen and take notes.

Focus on important Names/Numbers/Dates/Facts/Reasons/Examples

For a reading

For a lecture

4) Type up your rough notes

Use the template to get proper formatting

Don't plagiarize!

Read this: recognise and avoid plagiarism

Now read this: Read this:quote and paraphrase

The short version:

Use Note English

Outlines should be FAST to write and FAST to read. Use "Note English":

= is/is same as/leads to
# number
X times
> more than
< less than
n/a Not applicable
w/o without
+ and/plus
~ about
/ or

Take enough notes for a 3-4 minute presentation

Minimum 10 pieces of information. For example:

If you don't have enough to speak for 3-4 minutes

5)Write a one sentence summary

See write a summary sentence

6) Write three good discussion questions

Good discussion questions must start THREE DISCUSSIONS about the topic!

These questions are BANNED (lazy students used them every week):

Use clear question patterns

See ask good questions for examples.

7) Add APA citation to summary, and complete the References section

8) Print it and (for RR2,4,6) email it

Print your outline and bring it to class.

In class, we will: