Projects - write a country case study

Malc Prentice

What is a case study?

In a case study you study a complicated problem by

We will write about a LACK:

Which Country?

GCP: You will be visiting the Phillipines between first and second year. Let's learn more before you go. Read part 1 (Executive summary) of this: (link)

Alternatively: Choose any country, but make sure they have 3 causes/effects/solutions you can write about


Remember you have two options:

Not all solutions are for individual problems.

For example, lack of water could be solved by:

Sometimes the causes/effects will go in a circle


Download TEMPLATE for ESSAY OUTLINE - Sectional Case Study 1 location.docx

Suggested Thesis Statement

"This essay will use the example of TOPIC in CITY/COUNTRY as a case study to illustrate the issues people dealing with TOPIC/living in TOPIC/ trying to get TOPIC face, and some possible solutions for those issues."

Suggested Topics

Topic suggestion 1: Slums


Some cities are just not very rich. However, other cities are reasonably wealthy but have very poor areas, with no access to basic services like water, electricity, education. These have various names, such as "slums" or "favelas".

Link Collection


Link Collection

Topic Suggestion 2: Access to Basic Education


Access to education can be limited by gender discrimination, poverty, infrastructure issues, among other causes.

Link Collection




General background: That the problem exists (i.e. background statistics on education)

Importance background: Why education is a good thing / why lack of education is bad

Specific background: Define "Basic Education"

Topic Suggestion 3: Access to healthcare


If we get sick, we know we can go to the hospital and get good quality care and medicine, and it will not be too expensive. This is not true for many people around the world. As a result, many people suffer and die from preventable issues. For example, the top three killers in Nigeria are Malaria, respiratory infections, and HIV. These are all cureable or preventable diseases that are still killing people in Nigeria. Why?

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Brainstorm from previous class


1) Healthcare is about prevention too. Malaria can be prevented (by nets or education) or cured (with medicine).

2) Be careful: we are looking at the PROBLEMS and SOLUTIONS of what is already a problem (a disease) with solution (education/medicine/hospitals/prevention). The problem is ACCESS to the solution. You are not writing medical research on a cure. You are writing about either

3) You can talk about healthcare in general OR you could focus on one disease.

Topic Suggestion 4: Human Trafficking


Link collection

UNODC Definition: (link)

11 facts: (link)

Solutions: (link)

Example in Korea: (link) korean-islands/

Example in Australia: (link)

Example in Japan: (link) program/#.VHzFVUfXerW