Projects - write an essay about endangered animals

Malc Prentice

Lowland Gorilla

Step 1: Choose an endangered animal

Browse some animals

Choose ONE animal

Step 2: Research your animal

Read 3 articles about your animal. Follow the requirements in your syllabus homework for number and type of reference. Start with the WWF page or the IUCN page. YOu can read the wikipedia page in ENglish or Japanese, but it DOES NOT COUNT for your 3 articles, and you CANNOT cite it.

Don't forget to take a note of the references!

Step 3: Read the Template and Examples

Get the materials

Step 4: Plan your own essay

Five Paragraph Problem-Solution Essay (SSGB, ECE)


This is the THIRD paragraph of five, but we will write it first because it is easier

Some common problems include:


This is the FOURTH paragraph of five, but we will write it second

Paragraph C: DESCRIPTION paragraph

This is the SECOND paragraph in the essay

However, it is difficult so we will write it last

Sectional Essay Version (GCP)

Read the five paragraph version first. This is a NINE paragraph version of that

See write a sectional essay

Requirements for Essay

For 5 paragraph version

For 9 paragraph sectional verrsion (GCP)

See the syllabus.

Background readings and listenings

Short readings and listenings

A) Importance Background and Vocabulary: Biodiversity (2 mins):

BBC Learning English News Extra: (link)

1) Biodiversity is short for: Bio______ Diversity

2) Organisms mentioned: Trees, r__, r__, e_____, b______.

3) Ecosystems mentioned: R____F____, Oceans, & D____

4) Ecosystems are places where forms of life "D__ on e__ o_____"

5) News reports accept "biodiversity is good" because provides:

6) News usually mention threats to biodiversity, including:

7) THINK: The question at the end was "How can developing countries protect biodiversity at the same time as they pursue economic growth and reduce poverty?"

Another word for this is "Sustainable Development". For example: Imagine Tokyo needs a new runway at Narita, but to build it you would need to destroy 20 small farms, and an area where a rare frog lives. What would you do?

B) RESPONSE: The Enforcement Problem (6 mins)

BBC World Learning English 6 min talk: (link)

CITES: Convention on the Illegal Trade in Endangered Species


1) How many governments are meeting in Bangkok?

2) Is the problem getting better?

3) Mary Rice says the problem is "enforcement" because effort concentrates on stopping the p_____ but the animal is already d__

the "masterminds" who o_____ and f______ the trade are not caught.

4) How many sharks are killed every year?

5) David Shipman says three things are necessary:

forensic , police c_____ and p______ will.

7) Why are there no photos of the dodo?

C) Laws (357 words):


1.Why were new laws made?

2.Why do people eat rare animals (two reasons).

3.Sometime bears are kept, not killed. Why?

4.Another word for "illegal hunting" is p_______.

5.DISCUSS: Do people in Japan eat/use/hunt rare animals? Are you sure?

D) Sustainable Development


1.What is a pontoon?

2.Which animals are threatened?

3.How does sea grass help the environment?

4.DISCUSS: What will happen to the PEOPLE if the pontoon is NOT built

5.DISCUSS: How can we balance development and endangered animals?

Advanced: Long readings and listenings

Read and outline and think about the questions

A: Conflict with people (1000 words, Lions):


When people and animals are competing for land, who is more important?

A: Helping people too 1: Poachers (13 mins, 1880 words):


B: Bringing animals back 1 (16 mins, 2815 words):


Bonus readings

Bonus reading 1 Should we give up? Panda (836 words):


We have limited resources and many endangered animals.

Which should we choose?

Bonus reading 2 UN Report.

This is long, so choose only ONE PART


Part 1 – "What is the Nature of this threat" p77-80 2150 words

Part 2 – "How is it conducted?"p80-82 1700 words

Part 3 "Who are the traffickers" p83-84 750 words

Part 4 – "How is the money handled"p84 300 words

Part 5 – "How big is the flow " p84-86 700 words

Box "Illegal wildlife trafficking in the Pacific"p85 530 words