Projects - write an essay about ethical consumption

Malc Prentice


We buy/use a lot of different products every day

However, producing them often has a bad impact on:

Ask your partner these questions.

How often is the answer "I don't know"?

Background Listening

1) Fair Trade Definition (1 minute video)

Fair Trade USA. (n.d.). What is Fair Trade? Retrieved April 21, 2013, from

2) Fair Trade Cell Phones (11 min video)

Mbubi, B. (2012, April). Demand a Fair Trade Cell Phone. Retrieved from


1) Get ready

2) Choose something you buy regularly

3) Research your topic

Focus on good sources

You will present your research over the next two weeks

Research area 1: What is your product?

Research 2: When researching problems (Cause-Effect)

Research 3: When researching solutions (Summary-Response)

Focus on what you know

Your major can help you research. Focus on what you know:

When researching why solutions don't work (RESPONSE)