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Malc Prentice

Lowland Gorilla


Do you know how world heritage sites are chosen? (link)

Do you think world heritage sites are a good idea? (link)

World Heritage sites in Japan are often cared for very carefully, but this is not always the case:

In this essay, lets look at some sites that are in danger.

Step 1: Choose a World Heritage site

Step 2: Research your site

Read 3 articles about your site.

Follow the requirements in your syllabus homework for number and type of reference.

English or Japanese OK

Wikipedia OK, but it DOES NOT COUNT for your 3 articles, and you CANNOT cite it.

Don't forget to take a note of the references!

Decide if it is a good essay if not. If not, choose another site and start again.

Step 3: Read the Template and Examples if they apply

This essay COULD follow the same pattern as endangered animals, so look at:

Step 4: Plan your own essay

I recommend:

  1. Introduction
  2. Description
  3. Three problems threatening the site
  4. Three solutions to those problems
  5. Conclusion

This is very similar to "endangered animals", and can use the same templates, examples, and language

Step 5: Research more.

Stuck? Here are some ideas:

Common description points

I recommend you :

Common problems

Common solutions

Think about BOTH prevention, and restoration

Style tips - common mistakes

A common mistake is to say "This essay describes a world heritage."

World heritage is an IDEA, like "history", not a place.

When talking about the IDEA, "world heritage" on its own is OK

HOWEVER, when talking about a specific place, you should say "World heritage + NOUN"

Sectional Essay Version (GCP)

Read the five paragraph version first. This is a NINE paragraph version of that

See write a sectional essay

Requirements for Essay

For 5 paragraph version

For 9 paragraph sectional verrsion (GCP)

See the syllabus.