Resources - grading system

Malc Prentice

Students starting 2018 and earlier

Grade Small classes (<20 students) C/D level classes B level classes
S Anyone 90-100% Top 10% of class AND >90% Top 5% of class AND >90%
A Anyone 80-89% Top 40% of class AND >80% Top 30% of class AND >80%
B 70-79%
C 60-69%
D 50-59%
ignoring feedback
E 0-49%
N too many absences
most assignments missing

Students starting 2019 and later

Grade/GPA Score
A+/4.0 95-100% AND ranked in top 5% of class
A /4.0 90-94% AND ranked in top 25% of class
A-/3.7 85-89% AND ranked in top 25% of class
B+/3.3 80-84%
B /3.0 75-79%
B-/2.7 70-74%
C+/2.3 65-69%
C 60-64%
D+ 55-59%
D 50-54%
E+ 45-49%
E 0-44%
N too many absences
most assignments missing
I Work missing at end of term but ONLY for a very good reason -


Total % of A+ or A+/A/A- grades MIGHT be SLIGHTLY more flexible in SOME Upper Intermediate level classes.

I will confirm in class if that applies to your class.

What is a "very good reasons" for grade "I"

I can't give "I" without an official certificate.

It's not for when you miss the vocab test because you slept in. Set two alarms!

It's not for when you haven't finished your QW on the last day. Do your QW earlier in term!

Also, even if you get "I", it's just a delay - you still need to submit the work later.

A "good reason" for grade "I" is:

Injury or sickness Medical Certificate document issued by doctor
Accident Certificate of accident
Disaster Certificate of disaster.
University-approved Study abroad Documents to certify studying abroad
Other Note from your Dean


Tell me if you have a good reason for absence]