Resources - marking rubric for presentation

Malc Prentice

Font big enough? OK
use title case for your title OK
Figure or chart on most slides? OK
Note English (key ideas, no sentences) OK

Correct sections/slides included OK
Organisation of slides clear? OK
Organisation of info on slides clear? OK
Font sizes same for same type of information? OK
Enough Topics/Points/Details given? OK

Clear and easy to understand? OK
Can answer questions? OK
Correct length of time? OK
Can answer questions? OK
Good Intro (Greeting, TS) OK
Cohesion (Firstly, For example, Another, etc) OK

All facts/ideas/quotes cited? OK
use APA format in the text OK
use APA format in reference lists OK
minimum number of sources used (see project sheet for number) OK
avoid bad sources OK
Can answer questions on topic? OK

Interesting voice? OK
Eye contact OK
Gestures - freeze/twitch/fiddle/fists? OK
Body - lean/sway/rock? OK
Entrance/exit confident? OK
Notes - fiddle/wave/drop? OK
Any miming? OK
Pronunciation of new words practiced? OK


NW "Needs Work" (-1)
G "Good" (+1)