Resources - take the TOEFL iBT - 3 - Independent speaking

Malc Prentice

Overview and Tips

1) You only have 15s to prepare. Jot down some ideas.

2) Speak for the full 45s (There will be a timer in the title bar.)

3) Do not give an outline (I have two reasons, X and Y).

4) This is a speaking test - use informal speech.

5) Practice using the right tense, conditionals

6) Practice adding adjectives

7) Study Tips for all speaking (independent AND integrated)

Q1 and Q2 Grading

Q1 and Q2 Style/Arrangement

I think...

I have a number of examples that show....

When I was _, I

(Personal Time e.g. for "a problem you had" questions)

One book I really like is


See use cohesion for more, but not all of those work in speech.

Here are some safe ones.

Start collecting your own list!

Signalling structure

Firstly, Secondly, Thirdly

The first reason is... The second reason is...

One example is... Another example is...

Signal examples

Signal detail

Signal reasons:

Signal "but":

However. But in reality Although X, Y
On the other hand whereas Still,
Yet Despite that Otherwise

Signal additional point

I also want to mention. Also, Besides
Another reason is Similarly

Signal conclusion

In the future, I Next, I hope to What this means is
All in all From this you can see that In the end
In brief On the whole

Practice Questions

Q1: "For this task, you will be asked to speak about a topic that is familiar to you. You will hear a question. You will then have 15 seconds to prepare your response and 45 seconds to speak."

Q2: "Choice" - "In this question, you will be asked to give your opinion about a familiar topic. After you hear the question, you will have 15 seconds to prepare your response and 45 seconds to speak."