Schedules - unified list of can do statements

Malc Prentice


can survey research presentationyes/no
can write a cause-effectyes/no
can write a compare-contrastyes/no
can write a conclusion paragraphyes/no
can write a criteria-analysisyes/no
can write a description paragraphyes/no
can write a detail sentenceyes/no
can write a paragraph summary-linkyes/no
can write a paragraph topic sentenceyes/no
can write a sectional essayyes/no
can write a specific genreyes/no
can write a summary-responseyes/no
can write a time-orderyes/no
can write an argumentyes/no
can write an introduction - overviewyes/no
can write an introduction paragraph backgroundyes/no
can write an introduction thesis statementyes/no
can TOEFL Independent essayyes/no
can TOEFL Integrated essayyes/no
can example country case studyyes/no
can example endangered animals essayyes/no
can example ethical consumption essayyes/no
can example refugees and asylum seekers essayyes/no


can avoid bad sourcesyes/no
can avoid common APA format problemsyes/no
can fallaciesyes/no
can quote and paraphraseyes/no
can recognise and avoid plagiarismyes/no
can types of evidenceyes/no
can use APA format for Japanese sourcesyes/no
can use APA format for tables and figuresyes/no
can use APA format in reference listsyes/no
can use APA format in the textyes/no
can use APA title case and italicsyes/no
can use IEEE format for sourcesyes/no
can useful tools for managing and formatting referencesyes/no


can log inputyes/no
can outline a lectureyes/no
can outline a news articleyes/no
can outline a plan for going abroadyes/no
can outline an academic articleyes/no
can outline an easy bookyes/no
can outline your essayyes/no
can outlineyes/no
can write a CV and cover letteryes/no
can write a country case studyyes/no
can write a dissertationyes/no
can write a poemyes/no
can write a quantitative research report Work in Progress!!!yes/no
can write an essay about endangered animalsyes/no
can write an essay about ethical consumptionyes/no
can write an essay about refugees and asylum seekersyes/no
can write an essay about voluntourismyes/no


can Skill - Analysing qualitative datayes/no
can Skill - Interviewsyes/no
can Skill - Questionnairesyes/no
can Skill - Surveysyes/no
can skill - write a Proposal Work in Progress!!!yes/no

Study Skills

can ask a question as the class endsyes/no
can ask good questionsyes/no
can back up your workyes/no
can critical thinkingyes/no
can do a quick-codeyes/no
can do a quickwriteyes/no
can do a song lyric listeningyes/no
can do a speed readingyes/no
can do an SRA cardyes/no
can do the final vocab testyes/no
can do well in classyes/no
can follow a writing processyes/no
can format written workyes/no
can get OK points Work in Progress!!!yes/no
can guess word meaningsyes/no
can learn vocabularyyes/no
can make a holiday study planyes/no
can make a name cardyes/no
can make a posteryes/no
can make a powerpoint slideshowyes/no
can make small talkyes/no
can manage timeyes/no
can presentyes/no
can set goalsyes/no
can stay motivatedyes/no
can use ALC NetAcademyyes/no
can use Office and Driveyes/no
can use the Self Access Centreyes/no
can write a well formatted emailyes/no


can avoid repeating wordsyes/no
can avoid short sentencesyes/no
can describe figures and tablesyes/no
can describing changeyes/no
can express opinions, agree, and disagreeyes/no
can follow academic conventionsyes/no
can give a clear presentationyes/no
can give good feedbackyes/no
can language for discussionsyes/no
can language for dissertationsyes/no
can negotiate a dealyes/no
can signpostingyes/no
can use a parenthetical statementyes/no
can use cohesionyes/no
can use gerunds and infinitivesyes/no
can use hedgingyes/no
can use keywordsyes/no
can use listsyes/no
can use the right tenseyes/no
can use title caseyes/no
can use verbs for citationyes/no
can write a cause-effect sentenceyes/no
can write a compare-contrast sentenceyes/no
can write a definition sentenceyes/no
can write a final comment sentenceyes/no
can write a nested structure paragraphyes/no
can write a partition sentenceyes/no
can write a research article - overviewyes/no
can write a research discussion sectionyes/no
can write a research methods sectionyes/no
can write a research results sectionyes/no
can write a summary sentenceyes/no
can write a time-order sentenceyes/no
can write your thesis front matteryes/no