Study Skills - back up your work

Malc Prentice

Ask your Partner

1. Where do you keep your files (e.g. QW2.docx): PC only? USB drive? Drive / Dropbox?

2. If your PC / USB drive / phone broke, would you lose anything important?

3. How often do you back up your PC or your phone?

My recommendation

Use a cloud service for your schoolwork!

In comparison, USB drives are not good:


Dropbox: (link)

Works well, integrates with Office Apps. It's what I use.

Google Drive: (link)

Works well, and has alternatives to Powerpoint/Word/Excel. However, Gmail accounts and accounts do not talk to each other - you might have some sharing problems. This is why I use Dropbox.

OneDrive: (link)

Works OK, integrates well with mobile Office. If you have an Office 365 account, you might have lots of space.

Others - Not so useful

Setting up (Dropbox example)

Most of my materials are on this website, but I use cloud sharing for big files

I use Dropbox for the reasons above.

Don't forget to backup your paper too!

Security discussion

While we are talking about the internet, it's a good idea to make sure you are safe online.

Don't forget security off the internet, too