Study Skills - do an SRA card

Malc Prentice

What is "SRA"?

SRA are A4 folded cards in four boxes in the self access centre.

Each card has


For this report, we will read an easy book. We will practice:


1) Go to the self access centre.

2) Find the colourful boxes on the left as you enter: (link)

3) Choose a box (General Science, Life Science, Earth Science, Physics).

4) Choose a topic card. Take a note of the title: e.g. "Life Science Box - 5B-Plant Cells"

5) Read it and take rough notes (Handwriting OK)

6) Close the card

7) Try the quiz from your notes

8) Mark your quiz

9) Add any useful vocab to your list for that week

10) In class, use your notes to tell your partner quickly what you learned

11) In class, I will also check