Study Skills - do the final vocab test

Malc Prentice

This page explains the final vocab test.

Two classes before test

1) Make sure you have ALL your vocab sheets printed

2) Make sure they are in order

3) Make sure they are numbered from 1-280 (not 1-10, 1-10)

One class before test

We will do a practice test

Prepare the test

1) Write your name on a piece of scrap paper

2) Give the scrap and ALL your vocab words to your partner

3) I will write 10 random numbers on the board.

4) For the first five, write your partner's English words

5) For the second five, write your partner's Japanese words

6) Turn over your partner's vocab sheets (just in case one of your answers is on their top sheet)

Do the test

If you don't know the word in one second, you don't know the word, so you have one minute to translate all the words.

Mark the test

One small spelling mistake profession/proffession O
Confusing spelling prophezin X
Wrong part of speech professional X
Same meaning in English job/profession (1) O
Same meaning in Japan 仕事/職業 (2) O

(1) If you're not sure if a word is the same in English, ask me.

(2) If you're not sure if a word is the same in Japanese, ask another student