Study Skills - do well in class

Malc Prentice

1) If I need help I will ask for it

Ask the syllabus first!

Ask in class

Excuse me? Once more please. Please speak slowly.
What does "dog" mean? How can I say "犬"? How do you spell "dog"?
I don't know. I don't understand. I can't find....
Could you give an example? Could you explain that again? Teacher, the screen is off!

Ask outside class, if you have bigger problem or a longer question:

2) I will come to class, and be on time.

1m after bell = late (if I have to pick up your namecard)
> 15 mins after bell = absent (unless you have a train slip, etc)
2 x late = 1 x absent
> 6 absences = fail (unless you have a kouketsu, doctor's note, etc)

In some classes, you can be absent up to 1/3 of the course

In THIS class, you will fail if you miss 7

3) I will do all the homework

90 minute class = 90 minutes of homework. No excuses!

"I didn't know the homework" Ask a friend, check the syllabus, email me, or come in office hours!
"I left my homework at home" Use Dropbox
"The printer broke" Printers always break. Print at least 1hr before class!

4) I know participation points are important. I will avoid NG points and get OK points for extra work.

You must earn OK points to get a high grade

You must also avoid NG points:

5) I will keep my work organised

6) I won't use translation software, ignore written feedback, or plagiarise

7) I have seen my online schedule and syllabus. I will check it before class.

Schedules are here: Index - Schedules