Study Skills - learn vocabulary

Malc Prentice

How many words should I learn?

Which words should I learn?

All the lists below come from here:

I've put easy-to-use copies in the Shared Materials folder.

How should I learn?

1) Download the "START HERE" excel sheet

2) Edit the sheet

3) RENUMBER your words (at least from 1-280)

4) Learn your words. Any method is OK

4) However, print at least the first 280 words and bring that sheet to every class

5) Be ready to tell your partner which words you have learned (e.g. "test me on words 71-80")

6) Occasionally, ask your partner to test 10 random words from your whole list.

How will you check my homework?

Remember - one word = many words.

Use any of these words in your list, examples and sentences.

Useful websites for learning more ABOUT how to use words