Study Skills - make a holiday study plan

Malc Prentice

Choose at least FIVE goals for your holiday study plan

Graded Readers/Books

"I will read X graded readers/Books in the holidays"

"I will read X pages of graded readers every day"

"I will read for X minutes every day"


"I will use practice software and websites until my speed is X words per minute"

"I will use practice software and websites for X minutes per day"


"I will watch X TED lectures with/without English subtitles"


" I will read X news articles in the holidays"

" I will read one news article every week/day"


"I will do X quickwrites a week/day"


"I will learn X new words every week/day"

"I will study vocabulary for X minutes every day"

"I will finish/review Malc's lists"

CCC/EF in break

"I am staying near here, so I will go to the holiday EF/CCC/GV X times / every day"

Discussion group

"With my friends, we are going to Skype each other and talk in English X times per week

"We are staying near here, so we will meet X times a week to talk in English"

Timed Reading practice

In summer, do not do book 2 - we will use that in Fall

But Book 3+ OK.

Study for an exam

e.g. TOEIC listening practice, TOEFL writing practice, online practice tests


"I will keep a diary every day"


"I will download, read, and listen to the lyrics of one song every week"

"I will sing at least one song every time I go to karaoke in English"

Social Media

"I will make one post on Line/Facebook/Twitter in English every week"

"I will read the page of a friend or group in English on Facebookevery day"

"I will read the feed of some English speaking friends/celebrities on Twitter every day"

"I will add at least five English feeds to my Twitter, and then read them"

"I will make a English-only Line group with friends and post to it every day"


"I will use my Memrise/Duolingo/other app every day for 10 minutes"

Watch Movies/TV in English

I will watch X movies without subtitles / with English subtitles / after reading transcript

Try the free membership (2weeks-1 month) for Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Video

Try something from "Resources"

e.g. BBC Learning English, Coursera Lecture, listening website, news website

Topic Research for GCP in winter: Second Year topics.

Prepare for next term - read up on the topic, skim your textbook, review the essay genres.