Study Skills - make a poster

Malc Prentice

A POSTER is a special kind of presentation done at conferences. You put up your poster in a room with other posters, and people visit.

Here is an example: (link)


Decide what kind of template you need

Decide if it is a STAND-BESIDE or a STAND-ALONE poster


Professional Examples

Professional Templates here: (link)

Classroom examples and templates

See materials folder

General rules.


Fonts for posters

Software for posters

Printing posters


Make it easy to go beyond the poster

Style and Arrangement: Language for posters

Other tips

Classroom posters

In class

1-2 mins: pin your poster to the board (3 students at a time)

2 mins: summarise your poster.

3-4 mins: Answer questions from the other students

1-2 mins: take down your poster. Next group starts putting up posters


I will grade you on Delivery: Gestures, Eye contact, Voice

We will work on your poster in class