Study Skills - manage time

Malc Prentice

Time Management

TIme management is the main reason students fail courses



Option 1: Weekly schedule with EVERYTHING

Option 2: Inbox Zero (Malc's version)

1) Email yourself tasks you can do now.

2) If you can't do it NOW (dentist, meetings) make a Google Calendar event. Set up email reminders.

3) Every time you check your email, you see your task list. No escape!

4) Your aim is to keep your inbox empty.

Option 3: Post its

This is used by some of my best organised students.

Option 4: To-do apps

For example, Google Tasks.

Only use somethign that can send you notifications to annoy you into doing homework. You will never willingly click that button at the weekend.

Other options


Still having problems?

Sometimes we do not notice how much time we waste on certain things. Find out where your time is going!