Study Skills - set goals

Malc Prentice

Set LONG, MEDIUM and SHORT term goals for study and life

Split goals into pieces to make tasks for your schedule:

Example 1

LONG: I want to run a marathon!

MEDIUM: Run 5km without stopping by the end of Semester.

SHORT: Run 1km tomorrow. Eat only healthy bento this week.

Example 2

LONG: I want to do a Masters degree in a good US university

MEDIUM: TOEFL iBT 100 by 4th year. Save money.

SHORT: Speaking Test centre once a week. Get a part time job.

Example 3

LONG: I want to volunteer for the UN when I am 25.

MEDIUM: Improve my English. Learn French. Get overseas volunteer experience

SHORT: Go to CCC/EF. Go to Global Village. Join a volunteer circle

Your turn! Ask your partner

Regularly review your schedule and goals

1) Have your dreams changed?

2) Are you making progress towards your medium term goals?

3) Are you effectively doing your short term tasks?

4) Are any new tasks necessary?