Study Skills - stay motivated

Malc Prentice

In manage time you learned to make a plan.

However, if you look at your plan and want to do nothing, try one of these tricks.

Trick 1: Set a Timer

Trick 2: Starting is hardest. So just start.

Trick 3: Don't Break the Chain.

1) Get a Calendar

2) Cross off every day you study

3) Do not break your streak! Link in Japanese: (link)

Trick 4: Compete

Trick 5: Form a Study Group

Trick 6: Reduce Distractions

Don't go too far with this - you need to relax occasionally.

Just make it more difficult to get distracted

Trick 7: Speak to someone

Trick 8: Stay healthy!

Sometimes you feel unmotivated because of your physical condition

Trick 9: Other ideas from other students