Study Skills - use ALC NetAcademy

Malc Prentice


1) Go to PLAS

2) Find the tests and log in


3) Choose a target (500, 600, 730) depending on your level. If you don't know, ask me.

4) Have a look. There are about 18 hours of practice materials and 17 hours of tests

Rules for points in Malc's class

See your syllabus to check if ALC is required.

IF ALC is required in your class

Practice only, no points

Points available for taking tests

See syllabus for minimum and maximum ALC points available

get a point, print your tests results and submit them when it says on the syllabus.

If ALC is not required in your class

I'll give you a point just for trying it out.

Print ANY of the things mentioned above and bring it to class.