Study Skills - use Office and Drive

Malc Prentice

Here are the answers to some common problems

I don't have Microsoft Office on my home PC

1) You can install Office 365 for free on up to 5 PCs using your account: (link)

2) Graduating? Hate Microsoft? Word runs too slow on your laptop? There are free alternatives that work fine:

Google Drive tweaks

Q: How do I remove the header and footer when printing?

A: Under "File" - "Print", choose "Minimum" under "Margins"

Q: How do I turn on spellcheck for English?

A: Under "File", select "Language" and choose an English

Q: How do I get outline numbering for RR outlines?

A: Under "Format", "Numbered List" choose the one that has I, II, III, IV.

Q: Why can't I share a document with you using Google Drive?

A: Your account, your gmail account, and my accounts get confused - sharing usually breaks.