Study Skills - use the Self Access Centre

Malc Prentice


SPACe (2nd floor of the West Tower in Global Square


Overview video: (link)


Centre Open
English Consultation Room 11:45 - 18:00
Chit Chat Club (C3) 10:45 - 18:05
English Forum 13:30 - 18:00
Global Village 16:35 - 18:05
Speaking Test Preparation Center 10:45 - 16:40

Sessions with instructors you need to book

Chit Chat Club (CCC) and English Forum (EF)

Video introduction

Chit Chat Club explanation: (link)

Chit Chat Club rules: (link)

English Forum explanation: (link)

English Forum rules: (link)

Speaking Test Preparation Centre

Writing Center (WC)

English Consultation Room (ECR)

Global Village (GV)

Tips for completing required CCC/EF/WC visits

Do not wait until the last month!

Reservations are necessary

Take care of your stamp sheet (CCC/EF/WC/GV)

I do not accept "Replacement Slips"

Get them put on your main sheet

VIP system

Other resources

Computer rooms (everywhere)


What should you take to the Speaking Centre?

How long are EF sessions?

What should you take to a Writing Center Session

What language is NOT available in the Global Village?

Which of these is NOT true about reserving?

What should you do with your stamp sheet every time you use it?