Style - language for discussions

Malc Prentice

These are SPOKEN. See the "write a" section of the Style pages for language you can use in your essay (Most of those are too formal for a normal discussion. )

Giving your opinion

Personally, I think (that)

I think

In my opinion

My opinion is that

Controlling a discussion - getting people involved

Opening the floor

Any comments/suggestions/opinions (on that)?

Anyone have anything to add?

Anyone else?

Getting someone quiet to speak

What do you think?

What's your opinion?

How about you?

Getting feedback

Do you agree with (name)?

What do you think about NAME's idea?

Referring to something someone said

As NAME said,

NAME said X, but

Checking what someone said (reflecting)

You mean...

So, you're saying that

So, in other words

Holding/Getting the floor

Can I start? / I'll start.

Can I just start by asking if/whether/why/what ...

If I could just interrupt there

Can I ask a question?

Can I say something here?


OK, so I think we're finished with this topic. Who's next?



Specifically? Specifically,


How come? Because
Why? Mainly since
What make syou think that? I saw/heard/read


For example? For example,
For instance? For instance
Can you give an example? Well, one would be (that/when/where)

Giving details/reasons/examples