Style - use keywords

Malc Prentice

What are the rules for using keywords?

1) Use the right word type

Keywords need to be used again later, and need to be easy to fit into other sentences.

Some word types don't work easily this way.

These do not work:

Adjectives don't work: "Secondly, happy."

Normal verbs don't work: "Secondly, run."

These are best:

Nouns "Secondly, pollution"
Noun phrases "Secondly, lack of pollution"

These usually work:

ING verbs "Secondly, participating"
ING verb phrases "Secondly, increasing participation"
question word phrases "Secondly, how to increase participation"

If in doubt:

2) Keywords MUST MATCH

Don't mix the types!

3) Use list rules

See use lists.

Be careful with commas and "and"

When do I use keyword rules?

In an essay

Link your thesis statement, your paragraphs, and your conclusion with keywords

See use cohesion

  1. "This essay first looks at X in terms of A, B, and C"
  2. "This paragraph describes A"
  3. "This paragraph outlines B"
  4. "This paragraph covers C"
  5. "This essay looked at X. In summary A, B, C."

Your Thesis statement needs one keyword per BODY PARAGRAPH

Your Topic Sentence needs one keyword for each IDEA.

See write a paragraph topic sentence

In lists

See use lists