Style - write a cause-effect sentence

Malc Prentice

Useful language for cause-effect

Verb outcomes

X , so Y.
X happens , and so Y happens.
. Therefore, Y increases.
, and therefore Y is getting worse
. Because of this, Y gets worse
, and because of this there is a change in Y
. Hence, there is an increase in Y
, and hence,
. As a result,
, and as a result,
. The result is that
, and the result is that
. One result of this is that
. As a consequence,
, and consequently,
, and as a consequence,
. Consequently
. For this reason,
, and for this reason,
. Accordingly,
, and thus,
As such,

Noun/ING outcomes

X . This leads to Y
X happens . The outcome is Y happening
. This results in Y increasing
, and this results in Y getting worse
, which results in a change in Y
. The result is that an increase in Y
. The results is etc
This leads to
, and this leads to


X causes Y
. This causes Y to get worse
leads to a change in Y
results in an increase in Y

Alternatives to "because"

(X causes Y, but Y is written first)

Something SHOULD have an effect but doesn't

You can use "Time Order" language


(for animals or things with purpose)

Failure of cause