Style - write a research results section

Malc Prentice


Results are numbers or words

DO give enough explanation for readers to understand what they are looking at.
DO point out interesting features of hard-to-understand graphs, tables
DO NOT interpret, give theories or discussion. Leave these for Chapter 5 (Discussion).


Useful language for survey research

Structure by research question or emerging theme

"The third question was "". Responses to this open question were analysed. [IF RESULTS WERE OPEN, CODED, AND COMPLICATED]

"The first theme/area/topic was X.

"The second theme.../area/topic was X.

"The third theme was ....

Subdivide groups

All students who answered "yes" X said they also studied Korean
Of the 14 students who said 'Yes", four said they also studied Korean
Three students said X, of which two said they also studied Korean
Of the 200, 50 said they also studied Korean
. One quarter said they also studied Korean
. Around 25% said they also studied Korean

Give example quotes

One student mentioned X, and said that either X or Y.
An example statement about this is from Hiroko, who said "asdfasdfasdfasdf".
One student who talk about this topic was Kazuho, who said "".
This is examplified by Hiroki, who said "".
Kazuho said "". Three other students said similar things.

Use tables and figures

As can be seen in Figure 3, most....

As Table 2 shows, the two main answers were...

For more, see describe figures and tables